Why Accountants need socialsendr

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As an accountant, it can seem difficult to find the time to really get to grips with social media marketing as a way of increasing the growth of your business. In the modern world, social media marketing is crucial for increasing the outreach of your accountancy business and gives you the opportunity to reach out to people that you otherwise wouldn’t have been able to connect with. 

However, you might find that you don’t have the time or resources to grow a social media presence.  Maybe you feel like you should be using social media, but don’t know what to share? That’s where socialsendr comes in, helping you to draft engaging and quality content and scheduling when it is shared by your social media accounts. With 57% of small businesses making the most of social media to market themselves, you can’t afford to fall behind your competitors who effectively utilise social media.

To help you get to grips with Social Media Marketing, we have put together a helpful guide which answers all your questions and shows why socialsendr is indispensable for you, as an accountant. 

But I don’t have time to waste on social media!

Think of all the effort that it takes to manage a LinkedIn profile, Facebook Page, Twitter account, Instagram profile. It’s exhausting right? It can sometimes seem wasteful to spend time from your busy day drafting out an Instagram post, especially when you have so much else to be doing! We know that an accountant’s day can be a varied one, so you might not think that you have time or any reason to use social media. However, social media marketing allows you to attract new leads and reach a much greater audience when promoting your business.  

Research has shown that there are 53 million active social media users in the United Kingdom alone. With nearly 80% of the UK population having a social media account, it is crucial for businesses to have their own social media presence to tap into this market. Using social media marketing isn’t a case of wasting time, but rather time well spent promoting your business. If you are an accountant, then you can’t afford to not be using socialsendr to schedule all your social media content!

Many small businesses lack proper social media presence but the ones that do have a much greater reach to customers and can be found more easily. When people in your area look online for an accountant, you want your name to be the first one that they see. By using socialsendr to build your online profiles, you can focus on your customers, with the knowledge that a crucial responsibility is being taken care of for you. 

But I don’t know what to post?

If you don’t see yourself as particularly savvy when it comes to social media or don’t think that you have the creativity to come up with engaging posts, that’s where socialsendr comes in! The app carefully curates’ content suitable to your needs and lets you approve any content before it is released. The app suggests optional content that you might want to schedule, so your social media goes above and beyond your competitors! Of course, you can always create your own tailored posts to announce new service packages, or important tax dates that your followers should be aware of. Socialsendr gives you the opportunity to position yourself as your followers one-stop for financial information, making it more likely that they will turn to you when they need help with their finances. 

With an easy to view, monthly calendar screen, you can look over any posts that socialsendr has come up with, to check that they are the messages that you want to be sending to your followers. You can look over the entire monthly schedule in a matter of minutes and just like that, all your social media duties are taken care of for you.  

Give me some ideas for posts!

Posting even once a day is guaranteed to refresh your audience’s memory and keep you in their thoughts. By having a pre-planned schedule of content, you are already ahead of some of your competitors, as posting just once a day is better than nothing at all. If you are wondering what you can post, here are a few ideas to get you started!

You could schedule in accountancy tips for the public, as it is often an area which people have little knowledge of. Even something as simple as explaining a new tax regulation or business tip can go a long way to impressing your followers. 

Remember! The people that you want to connect with are potential clients, who are coming to you as an accountant for your services because they don’t understand accountancy as well as you do. So, sharing tips that you might find perfectly straight forward could be surprising or informative for the average person! Use your accountancy knowledge to engage potential clients and wow them with what you can do! Some easy ideas for content to schedule could be explaining how taxes work, how to budget or how to keep records. 

Another idea would be to schedule posts celebrating specific holidays, even the fun ones! For Bring your Dog to Work Day, why not share an image of your furry friend? Or celebrate International Coffee Day with a picture of your favourite brew! The point is, while it can feel intimidating to create your own content for social media, this should be seen as a massive opportunity to showcase what you do and what you know. You could share insightful posts about a day in the life of an accountant, filled with your personality and tips. By getting to know your audience, they will develop a connection with you, meaning that they return for your services time and time again. 

Won’t this be very expensive?

The obvious solution to saving you time and effort managing a social media account would be to hire a new member of staff, which can prove very costly. Another option would be to delegate the task to an employee however, this takes valuable time away from their working day to focus on an area of which they might have little expertise. To truly save time and money with social media marketing, you need to be using socialsendr. This helpful app lets you worry about what you are good at, safe in the knowledge that they are taking care of the social media side of the business. Think of them as your virtual social media team. Rather than having to hire and cover the cost of a social media expert, socialsendr gives you carefully curated posts to share at a low monthly cost of £9.99!

You shouldn’t sacrifice the high-quality of your work, in exchange for low-quality social media posting. Sign up to socialsendr and let the app take care of all your social media accounts, leaving you to work on what you do best, accounting. Whether it’s your LinkedIn profile that you just never find the time to update, or the Twitter profile that you never share on, take advantage of socialsendr to improve and succeed with social media. 

To try all these great features for free by claiming your 14-day free trial, register your interest here:

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