Product Tour

A brief visual introduction to socialsendr.

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socialsendr provides you with ready-made social media content that you can schedule and post quickly and easily every day. You can add, remove and edit any post in the app with just a few simple actions.
Use the content for inspiration, ideas or just create your own content from scratch. Scroll down to see how easy it really is to use. Select any hotspot to learn more about socialsendr‘s capabilities and features.

Day View

The Day View is your default home screen. Here you can see all your scheduled posts and manage them quickly. You can also see all the optional content you may want to schedule that day too.

Custom Post

The Custom Post Screen is where you create new posts. You can also edit any existing post here too.

Calendar Screen

The Calendar Screen gives you a high level month view of all of your recent and upcoming posts.

Timeline Screen

The Timeline screen provides a day-by-day view for all of your scheduled posts.

Everything is fully editable, helping you plan your posting well into the future.

Schedule Screen

Set your preferred post schedule. You can specify days of the week, or options such as Every Day, Every Other Day, Weekdays Only or Weekends Only.

Interests Screen

Primary selections will automatically post according to your posting schedule.

Note: You can have only 1 Primary selection. These will automatically post to your social media accounts.

Secondary selections will be added to your Day View for review, but not scheduled to post. You can select as many Secondary industries and interests as you like.

All Screens

A quick view of all of the main app screens.


Sign In, register, manage multiple accounts & forgotten password.


see and edit what is scheduled and unscheduled, day by day.


Edit text, imagery, hashtags, url, social channels, posting time, repeat.


View schedule of automated and custom posts.


Chronological view of posting schedule. Edit or remove content.


All settings, change details, change password, log out.


Control push notifications & contact preferences.


Set or adjust your preferred posting frequency.


Select your preferred and alternate industry and interests.


Activate and change social media account settings.

Still Stuck?

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