It’s a numbers game: An interview with Emley Bookkeeping

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It’s a numbers game: An interview with Emley Bookkeeping

Today, we’re doing a little double entry interviewing with Emley Bookkeeping. Founder Laura Patterson and bookkeeper and social media chief Emily Wells, both share their thoughts about their business and where socialsendr plays its part in helping out.

Tell us a little about yourself and why you started Emley Bookkeeping?

Laura: Over many years I’ve held a number of bookkeeping roles for accountancy firms, mainly based in the south of England.  With a final move to West Yorkshire working with another accountancy firm, I saw an opportunity to set up as a sole trader bookkeeper and service a few clients from home a few days a week. That and the appeal of a more balanced life of dog walking, gardening and the odd bit of DIY gave me the energy to make the move.

Decision made, I spent the first 6 months searching for new clients and then over the following 3 realised I had achieved full to capacity. I was faced with a new dilemma; should I stay as I was or take the opportunity and build a bigger business? I chose the latter.  In March 2018 Emley Bookkeeping became Limited, VAT registered and moved to bright spacious offices with the most amazing views of Emley Business Park.  July of that year I was joined by another experienced bookkeeper Anna Allsopp and in March 2019 we welcomed Emily Wells to our small but busy team. And then we were three…


In our short time, the culture we’ve built here is strongly grounded in a good work-life balance, where work hours for everyone are fitted around our lives and not the other way around.


What does Emley Bookkeeping do?

Laura: We pride ourselves on our customer-centric approach to doing business, always striving to meet and exceed clients’ expectations. We focus on servicing mainly small businesses who have been trading for a year or more.


Emily: We offer a full range of dedicated Bookkeeping Services, providing customers with as little or as much support as they need with their accounts.  That can be anything from basic telephone support, through to efficient data processing, preparation of accounts and of submission of VAT returns. We work with both our customers and their accountants to ensure records are accurate and ready to work on at that all-important year end.

Laura: Another growing area for us is providing full training and support for customers using either Xero or Quickbooks online cloud accounting software. Our support saves them valuable time and helps them better understand the financial position of their business.


Emily: We definitely see this is a key differentiator and benefit for our clients, as many bookkeepers tend to specialise in either Xero or Quickbooks, rarely both.


The era of Making Tax Digital is here and many businesses need support as they move from their traditional accounting practices to these new online systems & applications. We’re there to ensure that they experience a smooth transition into the new world of digital taxation.

How did you choose socialsendr?

Laura: Well, really socialsendr chose us!  We met Michelle (Co-founder at socialsendr) at a training/networking event over a year ago, when she was looking for a bookkeeper for her business.  As we worked with Michelle and found out more about socialsendr, we too saw it as a handy tool that could help market our business on social channels.  Like many small businesses, we were using Facebook, fitting in intermittent posts when we found time, with no real pattern or strategy to make the most of it.


When the app became available for testing Michelle asked us if we would give it a go. And that was it.  We set up a Twitter account to complement our Facebook presence, downloaded the app and we were off!


How do you use the app?

Emily: Since joining in March I’ve taken over the social media reins (also the tea making!).  Because the content is already created and schedules, I tend to review the app every couple of weeks to see what’s coming up. I then decide which posts to keep and which ones to amend. It’s really easy to make minor tweaks to the content and change the images to make it more brand aligned. I also disable any posts I don’t want.


Another really helpful feature is the ability to add my own custom posts. If I find some content valuable elsewhere, I can quickly add it into the app which then posts it to Facebook and Twitter at the time I set.  I’ve even set up a few bi-weekly repeating posts using local and appropriate hashtags to remind the community that we are here and what we do.  The beauty of all this is that however busy we are, if we forget to attend to our social media for a week or two, we still have content going out regularly.


Would you recommend this app to others?

Emily: Yes! We love it!


Laura: Yes, it’s such a simple, easy-to-use tool which lessens the social media burden for small businesses, just like ours.



To learn more about Emley Bookkeeping and its services, do visit: Emley Bookkeeping


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