Introducing socialsendr (formerly SMART)

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Introducing socialsendr (formerly SMART)

Got a minute? Our latest video will give you a quick snapshot of what socialsendr does and how simple it is to set up and use.




Want to know a little more about what socialsendr is?


socialsendr, the first and only social media app that creates, schedules and posts content so you don’t have to. Developed for small businesses who don’t have the time, money or creativity to grow their social communities in a regular and frequent way.

Using imagery, well-known events, commentary, hashtags and personalised posts, socialsendr keeps your customers and followers continually informed, educated and aware of your brand value without you spending hours every week. All for less than 28p a day.

Simple to use, you choose your business preferences, then set how often you want to post. That’s it! The app will do the rest.

A single user license lets you post up to 2 automated (the ones we create for you) and 2 customised posts (the ones you want to create) a day on Facebook and Twitter. The app is available on iOS , Android and as a web app.


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