Flexing with socialsendr: An interview with Flex Marketing

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Flexing with socialsendr: An interview with Flex Marketing

We caught up with Jayne Adamson, founder of Flex Marketing to find out a little more about her new venture and how socialsendr plays its part in helping her business.


Tell us a little about yourself and why you started Flex Marketing?

I’ve been in marketing for over 20 years now, working mainly in product focused businesses in the interiors space. Along the way, I’ve covered most things marketing and built up my skills and been able to adapt them as demands and technology has changed. Like all disciplines, over time you figure out that the things you are very good at or prefer to focus on are relevant to most types of businesses and I realised that there were a lot of businesses out there who could use my skills. It was this and the desire to do things on my own terms that led me to finally ditch full time employment as such and and start up Flex on a self employed basis.


I have also built up an extensive network of creatives over the years, covering every marketing skill, so I can support and manage any business marketing requirement with the confidence of knowing the capabilities of the team involved.


What does Flex Marketing do?

If I were to describe my business it would be that of an independent marketing manager. It sounds a little fancy, but in truth it means I spend as little or as much time as necessary with my customers to get their marketing and brand to a point where they have all the right assets at their disposal to support their sales objectives. And it means I manage the marketing rather than just talk about it, I am definitely not a consultant.


As an outsource service, Flex is aimed at businesses that need marketing support, but not on a full-time basis.  Whether that’s one or two days a week, a month or a specific one-off project, we’re there to deliver an experienced marketing resource when needed.



What type of clients do you look for?

That’s a good question. There are a lot of small businesses out there that do not want or need a full time marketing team but they need the support and experience of someone with their interests at heart.  Also, there are businesses that do the marketing basics in-house, but because they don’t have the advanced skills internally, typically find that over time they are have not adapted to the changing marketplace and are therefore not providing the customer experience they once did – they need to up their game. It is these types of businesses where Flex can add real value, differentiating their product and service offerings, to attract new customers through the door.


How did you choose socialsendr?

When I first found out about socialsendr, I literally thought “I need this app for my business and for my clients!”. Social media is a marketing skill that not only requires creative input, it also needs constant and regular attention.  That takes time that not many of us have.


As a creative myself, it is extremely challenging to write and post something new or different every day of the week. By providing new and fresh content every day, socialsendr gives me ready made content to go and often that little bit of inspiration to share something original.


How do you use the app?

Because the app supplies ready built content, it’s easy for me to see all the posts and make quick edits or create new messages based on the ideas already there. Every post is fully editable, so making changes is simple and fast. Also, as a marketing service myself, I prefer to apply my own brand imagery and designs, though I do occasionally use the app’s own images, as they are very good.


Would you recommend the app to others?

It’s funny you ask. As I’ve already done it.


For a small investment, socialsendr has made my own brand’s social media marketing an easy process. I don’t spend hours and hours working on content anymore and I know that there is at least one post going out every day on my social networks to my community. It keeps my followers aware of my business and value, whilst sharing ideas and insight that they will find helpful.


To learn more about Flex Marketing and its services, do visit: Flex Marketing


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