3 reasons why we built a social media marketing app for sole-traders and small businesses


If you are new to MySmartApp, welcome.


If you’re a little curious as to what MySmartApp is and why it exists, here we explain the three drivers behind our motivation to build a very different social media automation app. But before we begin…


What is MySmartApp?

MySmartApp is a social media marketing app that once set up, creates relevant content for you, schedules it and then automatically posts it. All done with no need for user intervention! It’s why our homepage says ‘The first and only social media app that creates, schedules and posts content so you don’t have to’.

The app currently posts new content to both Facebook and Twitter. It’s a single licence app that works on all smartphones, tablets and desktops. It has cross-platform support, available on Apple IOS, Google Android and as a WebApp.


Why did we create it?

When we began our journey back in 2017, we noticed how big organisations were re-focusing their marketing resources on social media, making it ever harder for smaller businesses to be seen and noticed. It will come as no surprise to anyone that larger businesses have their own in-house marketing teams creating and publishing new content every day which is a luxury not many small businesses, sole-traders and micro-businesses can afford. So options become somewhat limited. You either do it yourself or you outsource the work to a marketing agency to help you.

Having spoken with many small businesses and sole-traders about their marketing challenges on social media, we set out to create a service that helped overcome the 3 main challenges they often faced:


1. Create new and informative content without spending hours doing it

2. Schedule content and post it on a frequent and consistent basis

3. Invest in social media marketing without spending hundreds of pounds a month


1. Create new and informative content without spending hours doing it

Our goal from the outset has never been to replace a business’s unique value – only the business owners are best placed to do that. Instead, we create industry and subject related content that can be seen as useful, informative, educational or valuable to its followers and potential customers.

For example, if a business posts a product or sales-orientated post once a week, MySmartApp makes sure that there is regular content on other days of the week. This not only saves time as the business owner doesn’t need to spend their time creating extra content, it also helps the audience engagement by not selling all of the time – a fact that research has shown doesn’t go down very well with consumers.


2. Schedule content and post it on a frequent and consistent basis

The second issue for the sole-trader/small business is maintaining consistency and frequency of posting. This is best explained by marketing guru Neil Patel:

If you post too infrequently, your audience will forget that you exist and you will quickly fade into the deep dark recesses of their minds. However, if you are posting too often, you will become a complete nuisance and they will dread seeing your posts overcrowding their feed.


Most of the people we’ve spoken with tend to be in the ‘infrequent’ rather than the ‘too often’ camp. MySmartApp has been designed to post no more than twice on Facebook and Twitter each day. On average, we typically post content between 8-14 times every week.

Whilst we know frequency can be very dependent on the line of business you are in, it’s worth noting the research found by BuzzStream on what consumers preferred in terms of frequency.



It’s also worth mentioning that MySmartApp allows you to edit and manage every post in your schedule. You can quickly see all the upcoming posts in your timeline and with a swipe turn off a post or even edit it (both words and images).


3. Invest in social media marketing without spending hundreds of pounds a month

Somewhere in most commercial decisions the matter of price always creeps in. Research from VerticalResponse found that small businesses spend six hours per week marketing on social media. But at what cost?  That’s not an insignificant amount of time to commit to each week. Realistically, most small businesses have 3 options:

1. Do it Yourself – If you do your own marketing (assuming you pay yourself at least the minimum wage) that equates to £8.21 x 6 = £49.26 a week in costs. More importantly, it’s almost a full day a week just doing one marketing task.

2. Outsource to Marketing Agency – Using an agency to create, manage and post your social media will likely cost you anything between £250 – £1000 per month. It will still require some of the business owner’s time to discuss and approve the work created by the agency.

3. Hire someone – Having your own marketing person might be the answer. But it may be a cost too far. At the minimum wage, that’s an annual investment of £15,796 or £1316 per month. Even on a part time basis, that’s still £8.21 an hour.


One huge goal we set out to achieve was to provide a value-for-money social media marketing service that every sole-trader or small business could afford. At £8.49 per month (once the free trial period has completed) MySmartApp is an investment of less than 30p a day.


What next?

So there you have it. Three of the core reasons we created MySmartApp. It’s fair to say, like social media itself, it’s an ongoing and evolving process. Every day we are creating new content and imagery for more and more business types and owners. Naturally, we strongly urge you to give it a try. With a free trial, what’s there to lose!


Give it a go here: Try MySmartApp